Sunday, May 2, 2010

Jason Aldean and Brooks & Dunn Concert

On Friday night (April 30, 2010) my husband Jerry and I got to go and see Brooks and Dunn in their Final Rodeo Tour. This was their last in final show in Spokane.

Jerry and I getting ready to go to the concert.

The opening act was a 16 yr old kid name Tyler Dickenson. I hope this kid goes far in country music.
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Brooks and Dunn's special guest was Jason Aldean. What can I say about this guy except he is HOT!!!! SEXY!!!!
Jason put on a very good show and I can't wait to see he again.

Finally it was Brooks and Dunn turn to do they thang. They did do their thang too!! They are such a great group and it is sad to see them go. I just hope that both keep doing music even if it is not as a group.
In the end Jerry and I had a great time at the show and we learned that we need to go to more concerts!!!

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